Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Costa Rica Vacation: Traveling Home

After the long, terrible trip to Costa Rica we were all dreading the bus ride home.  I'm sure everyone was silently praying that there would be no bus issues, and we could make it home in regular time.  Praise the Lord, for the most part we had an uneventful trip through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and most of Honduras.  But...

...Once we were two hours away from home we were supposed to switch buses.  The driver dropped us off at 6:30pm and said the other bus would arrive in 20 minutes to pick us up.  Once the bus left the maid who worked in the 'waiting room' said the bus would arrive at around 11pm!  WHAT?!?  So once again we were stranded in the middle of no where (at least it seemed that way).

We played games to pass the time, watched a movie on someone's computer, and finally curled up on the floor and fell asleep.  Eventually the bus arrived ahead of schedule...10:30.  We were just four hours behind the time we should have gotten home but that was much better than the trip out.

And boy was it GREAT TO BE HOME!!! :-)

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