Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Church in Honduras

Honduras does not lack for churches (protestant or evangelical).  I thought I would write a blog post on my church here, Union Christian Church, and say why it has been refreshing and encouraging.

First, it is just nice to be a part of a fellowship of believers.  Liz and I started attending a Spanish-speaking church within walking distance.  But we lacked the ability to say much more than "Good morning.  How are you?"  We felt the common bond of fellow disciples, but it is was hard.  Plus, not understanding the teaching of God's Word was very hard.  So we decided to try other venues.  We went to Union, and the search was over.  There was no language barrier.  And we felt a warm spirit there. 

The church had just experienced a transition as well, bringing in Stephen Jenks and family in as the new pastor.  He is very knowledgeable of Scripture and articulate in his talks.  With my recent theological transition, being under his teaching has been very helpful.  And any pastor that opens his library to me is always going to be in my good graces!  Plus Stephen's is quite good.

This church is very unique in that it is an English speaking church in Honduras (there are a few).  It is probably one of the few churches in Honduras that will admit to being somewhat reformed as well (there is a large contingent in the charismatic and arminian tradition).  The families we have had the privilege to meet and know are wonderful.  We receive a new blessing every week we attend.  We even joined w/ a dual membership (gotta keep those SBC ties ;-) ).  To God be all the glory for bringing Liz and me to a place where we can worship the Lord with other believers and learn from God's Word with practical yet extremely textual sermons.

I could talk about the music or the fact that I get to wear my 'bows when attending.  But those are tertiary for me.  Solid preaching/teaching, elder-led congregation, and a heart to help other churches and ministries in the area; I love UCC!

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