Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Costa Rica Vacation: Leaving Arenal

As we were leaving Arenal to head to the beach, we decided to take a group photo with the beautiful lake behind us.  With all the fancy cameras we set one up with a timer to take three photos.  The group decided that the first one would be a good picture, then for the next two we could do what we wanted.  It doesn't always happen as you plan but these are the best photos we got the whole trip!! :-)

Christa (the one laying in the fountain) set the timer and ran to join us.  She decided to step into the 'empty' fountain to stand by me but slipped and grabbed the bottom layer so she wouldn't hit her head.  My favorite part is everyone but the two guys realize what's happening or felt strongly about having a good first picture. 

The words at this point from Joe (the one in the brown shirt)... "Hey, we got this on camera!"

Finally more help is arriving, we got the fountain put back in place. Christa and I changed our wet clothes, and everyone ran to the van to get away before anyone found out what happened.

We have laughed so much after looking at these pictures.  It truly would not have been as funny without seeing everyone's expressions.

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