Saturday, April 7, 2012

Costa Rica Vacation: Arenal Volcano

As a group we rented a van so we could have easy transportation from one area to the other.  Our first stop was at the Arenal Volcano.  The electricity in the houses we were supposed to rent was being worked on so the realtor set us up at another location.  We were all shocked and amazed at our new spot!  Here are few pictures.

This is the community pool.  Under the roof is the large hot tub!

This is the view behind the hot tub and community pool.  :-)

There were so many beautiful plants.

Things just kept getting better.  This was the 'main' house we had with our own personal pool, kitchen, and living room.

Beautiful sunset from our personal pool area.

Tim and I got this large bedroom in the second house.

Everything was so beautiful...this is the sink area of the bathroom.
This is the front of the house Tim and I stayed.

Here is the community pool again with the lake view in the background.

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