Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Costa Rica Vacation: Playa Langosta

We made it to the beach after several hours squished in the van.  After living at the beach for a few years in Coastal Carolina, Tim and I love beach time.  This was a little different.  There were tons of rocks and more times than not a wave would come and cause injury.   Needless to say, Tim and I didn't spend much time at the beach.  We spent most of the time in our pool. :-)

Yep, this is our beach.  Some areas had more sand but you never knew what you would run into while swimming. 

This is the condo we stayed at with the pool.  That was wonderful!

The only problem is that the bathroom door led out to an 'outside' bathroom.  I couldn't believe it either.  Very strange!

We finally found a part of the beach that didn't have as many rocks but we had to cross this 'river' to get to it.  When the tide started to come up it became much deeper.  At this point it was knee deep. On our way home it was waist deep.

Beautiful sunset view from the roof.

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