Friday, April 6, 2012

Costa Rica Vacation - Boarders

March 12 - April 1, 2012
We were informed before the trip began that the stops at the boarders could take up to an hour and we would have to pay a boarder tax. 

First boarder leaving Honduras and heading into Nicaragua took about an hour and cost about $14 per person.  This met our expectations.

On the Nicaragua side we saw a few friends from school stuck there with a broken down bus.  Been there!

Second boarder leaving Nicaragua and heading into Costa Rica was a totally different story.  We arrived around midnight so most of us were drifting in and out of sleep.  The boarder tax was $4 so that was a good surprise.  BUT when we got through Nicaragua and had to go through the line on the Costa Rica side we found out the boarder closed at 12:00am.  We were just a few minutes too late.

So guess what that meant??  We had to spend the night on the bus until 5 AM so we could get back in line when the boarder opened at 6 AM. 
Here we are still smiling even after the first break down and the over night in the bus.

So we were very excited to have made it through the line and ready to head down the road by 7 AM. 

Problem number 2: The computer system broke down and we couldn't get the paper work for the bus to travel through Costa Rica.  It was estimated that it would take 4 to 6 hours to fix but Praise the Lord we got our paper around 9 AM and finally headed down the road.  We were hungry and tired by this point.

Our trip had a rough start.  We were all a little worried at this point if we would get to enjoy ourselves.

Update coming soon...

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Anonymous said...

How exciting, although I am glad you are going through it and not me. Are you going to San Jose? If you do go to the Mercado Central and el Mercado de Artesania.