Saturday, August 20, 2011

What's New[s]?

We are well settled in our new house in Honduras. So settled in fact that we got a “guard” dog – Brutus Perezoso (lazy). He’s a 3 month old black lab. He’s great, although Liz won’t let him come inside at any time (even at night or when it is raining). Don’t worry, he sleeps in one of the plastic containers that we shipped over. It is plenty big enough for him.

The school is treating us so well. We “let it be known” that the couch (loose term for the piece of furniture) was quite uncomfortable. So… they bring us a used living room set. The couch and chair stayed downstairs and the love seat went into our bedroom (after 30 minutes of squeezing it through the doorway). The maintenance staff here is awesome.

We finally got internet as well, so please feel free to skype us anytime. We even got a google voice account set up with a VA phone number. So we can now make phone calls for free (from our computer)‼! Technology is wonderful… when it is working… when we have electricity. That is a luxury that is not so consistent here in El Hatillo of Tegucigalpa.

Today (Saturday) was an interesting shopping day. We went to the stadium market, which is basically like a huge farmers market. The produce is fresh, good quality, and cheap! We got a bag of lime/lemons for a $.50, a pineapple for $2, and etc… We’ll keep a better list next time, because I can’t remember right now. Amazing deals though! Its fun to try your Spanish there. I am finding that numbers are the hardest words to recognize. Makes it hard when you ask “quanto cuesta?” (how much does it cost?).

School has started for the elementary and Liz. But with the construction of the new secondary buildings, the high school is delayed a week. So I will start Aug 29th or 30th. I also have the privilege of preaching in the opening chapel “spiritual life week” series. I will be going through Haggai. These kids need the gospel. Pray that it is clear and the Spirit will open hearts.

“My heart's desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved” – Rom. 10:1.

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Charlotte Laney said...

Tim, your Mom pointed me to your blog after I questioned how you guys were surviving hurricane Irene of the NC coast.

How exciting that you will begin teaching tomorrow in Honduras!