Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random Information

Tim and I have been in Honduras for almost four weeks now.  It's hard to believe we have lived here for only a month.  Like Tim has said before, we are well settled and have made amazing friends along the way.

Shopping is getting easier and I look forward to the bus trip down the mountain every Saturday morning.  It's such a beautiful drive and even though I've seen it many times now, it never gets old!

I love the view of the mountains in the background!

These are just a few items we have been able to find that help us feel at home.  I can read the directions on these items. :-)

We have found that a lot of items come in bags.  The mayo is so much easier to use in these cute little bags.

This is the final hill I have to walk up to get to my classroom everyday.  It may not look too bad from here but it feels like it will never end and then I have to walk up a set of stairs to finally reach my room. 
Here is my classroom!  When I'm at work it feels like I'm still in the States.

I have really enjoyed teaching here.  Friday we had our Open House, and the parents are so sweet and helpful!  Some even told me that if I needed anything to let them know.  They are willing to drive me into town anytime if I need to shop in the middle of the week or need to go see a doctor.  Meeting the parents and getting to know them better was a huge encouragement.  I know I am where I'm supposed to be!

Tim will be starting classes tomorrow, so pray for him and his students to get into a routine quickly. 


Anonymous said...

It is really neat to read your blog. It is amazing where God has taken you all. I never thought that you would be on a mission filed!

Stephanie said...

I bet the mayo is easier to use, the oil--probably not so much! I am so glad you guys are settling in well. I'll be praying for you both as you serve God in a beautiful country!