Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So we made it to Honduras. I hate that I waited so long to write this. There are so many things to talk about. I think I'll just list them for fun.

  • The title was proposed by Andrea (thanks!) and indicates that we are now in a place where flushing the toilet paper is a no-no. That's what I miss most about the states. But it's not that bad.
  • Due to security, we will be getting a DOG!!! I'm excited. Liz is not. But for safety sake she agreed. It will be a pure-bred black or brown lab (we get to pick it out this Sunday).
  • Our house is great. All tile floors. Bare walls til we get something to hang our pictures on.
  • BTW... our 15 boxes arrived yesterday (Tues.). It was Christmas that day.
  • Our maid's name is Ana. She speaks no English. This will be great for our Spanish. She cleaned the house very well today. And she cooked one of my fav's - Arroz con pollo!!! It was great.
  • We've been in meetings ever since we arrived. Busy, busy, busy. School will be starting next week for Liz and the following week for me (rebuilding the high-school buildings).
  • We've been a little sick trying to adapt to the new food. But hopefully we will be better soon.
  • The weather is amazing here. Nice and cool in the evenings. We walk everywhere so we are getting good exercise (plus being at an elevation of 5,000 ft doesn't hurt).
  • Internet in our house should be coming soon. So everyone needs to get Skype!!!
  • Tegucigalpa is not that different from America. Ok... that's not true. But there are plenty of familiar American sights and stores. Of course we couldn't resist going to Wal-Mart (on our 6 year anniversary no less). We'll be going to Price-Mart this Saturday, which is like a Sam's Club or Cosco. Fun stuff.
  • The campus is beautiful. The teachers, staff, and administrators are so friendly. I already feel a part of the family here. I love the Honduran culture. It is a relationship-centered. You must greet everyone (individually) and hugs and holy kisses on the cheek are normal.
  • The airport in Teguc wasn't too bad. I did make a Honduran mad though. They have "workers" who grab your bags, load them on carts, and take them where they think you want to be. You get to tip them. Yay. Well I tipped the guy who helped us through customs and took our bags outside. Only we needed to be inside. After I tipped him $10, he was gone. Then a another guy saw that we needed to move 10 ft to get inside. So he loaded us up w/out our consent, took our luggage over, and waited for denaro. I gave him a dollar for moving us 10 ft. He was not happy. Oh the joy of a new culture.
I'm tired. This is the list of things I can think of. Perhaps Liz will add some later. We love everyone. Pray for us!!!


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