Monday, August 29, 2011

Teaching in Honduras

Even though I feel like I'm teaching in the States there are several things during the day that remind me I'm in Honduras.

1 - Every morning I turn the light switch to the on position but nothing happens.  We work by natural light until about lunch time.  At this point the lights start coming on one by one.  I still don't fully understand the reason but I just have to go with the flow.

2 - I'm not always able to log on to my computer.  Sometimes the server is down or it's just the lack of internet.  Taking attendance on our internet program is super easy BUT since the internet isn't always working I have to remember to do it when it finally returns (it could be hours or days). 

3 - The electricity hasn't been consistent since we've been here so I can expect at some point today or tomorrow we will lose power for a few minutes or a few hours.  Today it just so happened to go off during class (but since the lights hadn't come on yet we didn't realize it).  When it was time to heat up our lunches in our classroom microwave we couldn't.  We just had to go with the flow and eat cold food for today.

4 - Of course we have no air-conditioners and honestly we don't need them.  I have plenty of windows in my room that we have to keep open to let the breeze blow through so we're not hot.  Because of this we must learn to tune out the students on the playground, the people walking past our class, or even all the other classrooms that are near by with their windows open.  

Please do not read this and think I'm complaining.  The students have been here all their lives so they're use to it and they think nothing of it.  I'm finally getting to the point that I don't notice the lights aren't on yet or the electricity has gone off (unless I'm at home and it's dark).  I enjoy the fact that we never know what the day will hold and what new things we can experience. 


Norma W. said...

Isn't it amazing how, with His help, we can learn to adjust and be content with the conditions? You're a real trooper, girl! I love seeing you grow and serve.

Sarah K. Johnson said...

Liz, I felt like to could relate to everything you said! It's good for people to get an idea of what our daily lives are like here, and I think we are becoming better teachers every day because of the craziness!

Amy said...

This is so neat! I'm so happee for ya'll! It sounds amazing! I still feel like your just a state away but you're in HONDURAS!! I can't wait to visit and I hope we can one day! :-) Love the pics and can't wait to see more! We love you!