Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Month!

As we get older we realize how fast time goes by but when you have a child it seems like it speeds up even more.  Abigail has already been with us for one month!  During that month there have been tears (from momma because of the lack of sleep), concern (not knowing what else Abigail could be crying for), peace (when she finally took a nap), and lots of love (it's so easy).  We survived the first month and Abigail is doing great, so we must be doing something right. :-)

Abigail had her one month doctor visit this week.  She is at the fiftieth percentile in all categories and weighs 9lbs 11oz.  From everything the doctor said, she is still a very healthy baby.

Here is a picture of Abigail only minutes old in the hospital.  I love this picture because it's of Abigail's doctor taking a picture of her with his phone.  He took it home to show is children because Tim is their Bible teacher. One of the daughters actually came to visit us in the hospital.

One of my favorite things with her being a month old is she's starting to smile when I'm talking to her and makes little laughing noises.  I've learned new things about her...She is a morning person and is usually very happy during that time, but once the evening/night comes around she because a very grumpy little girl.  I feel bad for Tim because he doesn't get to see her during her happy time.  By the time he gets home from work she's turning into little miss grumpy!

"I am one month old in this picture."

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