Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2 Weeks & 4 Days

Abigail has changed so much already in the past two weeks and four days.  And I've learned so much during that time about her and what she likes.

Abigail loves... cry (I'm assuming because she does it often). :-)
...her hands by her face.  She will not allow her hands to be swaddled or under a blanket.
...watching her mom or dad when they feed her.
...being in the sun light. She immediately stops crying when the sun is touching her.
...taking a bath.
...going on a walk outside.
...riding in the car.  Our car broke down four times on Sunday and she slept right through it all.
...being rocked to sleep (which means she's already spoiled because she wont go to sleep without it).

Tim and I have LOVED every minute of being parents.  There are of course the hard days and nights when we're still trying to figure out what she needs and why she's still crying, but it's worth every minute.

Isn't she a cutie?!?!

Thank you, Mimi, for my new clothes!  They're so comfy!

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