Sunday, April 14, 2013

Most Dangerious Diaper Change

Here is our story for the day...
You may already know that our car broke down this past week (one of many times and different problems).  The battery just died and the car stopped running on our way down the mountain.  We got the car back to school and had the maintenance men work on it.  They said it just needed a battery charge, and it's working fine. Uh huh.

We drove it to church today and out to lunch.  On the way UP the mountain, it just stopped again and it happened to be on the worst curved incline ever.  Friends pulled up behind us and jumped the car.  Tim told them once the car starts we're just going to take off and see how far we get on the charge.  A kilometer later it stopped again, and this time Abigail needed a diaper change.

I started changing her diaper while we waited,  and our friends caught up to give another jump.  At this point Abigail is still on my lap, and I'm cleaning her poopy butt.  The jump was complete, and Tim took off (Abi is obviously not in her car seat, Tim fully unaware)! I'm trying not to let the poop get all over us or let her fall off my lap while we're flying up the bumpiest part of the mountain.  The hysterics in the car were quite comical. 

"Be careful!
"Is Abi not buckled in?"
"No!  I'm changing her diaper!!!"
"What!?!?  Why would you pick now to change her diaper?"
"I didn't; I started a while ago before they got here."
"Hold on!!!  It's going to be bumpy ride!... Here comes the speed bumps..."

This was by far the craziest diaper change EVER!  Right when I get her new diaper on and put her in her seat, the car stops running again.  But praise the Lord we were at the school gate.  Tim and I switched places, and he pushed the car the rest of the way.  :-D

I would have taken a picture but my hands were full.

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Mary Lou E said...

You'll have the best stories to tell her one day! She won't believe that you let such an exciting life.