Thursday, April 4, 2013

Grandparents Visit!!!

Abigail was finally able to meet one set of her grandparents (Liz's parents).  Once they finally received their passports, tickets were ordered, bags packed, and they headed this way.  We were so excited to have some parents visit Honduras for the first time, but even more so that family was finally able to meet Abigail.

Abigail with her grandparents in Valle de Angeles!
Some of my favorite memories were when they walked through the airport and saw Abigail for the first time.  It was a very special moment even though it was in the midst of a crowd.

Tim recorded the experience

Another memory is of my dad walking around the house with Abigail because she was crying.  My mom was a big help in the week she was here helping me get Abigail on a schedule and staying up late with me to get her to go to sleep.

This is a man we met at the park.  My Dad worked really hard to talk to him. (notice Tim's new favorite shirt)
Because we have a car now we were able to take them site seeing.  My dad really enjoyed talking to anyone he came in contact with even though they had no idea what he was saying.  Tim did a great job translating during the week.

We went out to dinner at El Patio.  I'm not a fan of Honduran food but they have great steak!
The worst part of the week was dropping them off at the airport.  Things were really busy and lines were long.  By the time we got to the spot where Tim and I couldn't follow them we didn't even get a chance to really say goodbye.

My Dad is an electrician and had a hard time with how things are done here. :-)

I loved working in the kitchen with momma!

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