Monday, October 15, 2012

Abigail Update

Living out of the country and being pregnant can sometimes be difficult for me, but I also know it's hard for our family back in the states.  The easiest way to keep everyone updated is by sharing what's going on through the blog.
This is only being posted because Tm made me.  I hate having my picture taken!

Many people have been worried about us staying in Honduras to have Abigail.   I must say that I feel very comfortable staying here for delivery.  We have a great doctor, and for each visit we get an ultrasound.  Our doctor gives us a DVD of the whole thing and printed pictures of our sweet girl.  The great thing is the price.  We pay 900L ($45) a visit and our insurance reimburses us about half of that.  So really we're only playing $20-25 to have an ultrasound each time.

This past week we went for our 6 month (24 week) appointment.  Abigail is now 1 1/2 pounds.  She must be all muscle because she has a hard kick already.  This is my favorite picture of her.  Her arm is ALWAYS trying to cover her face (she's already like her Momma and hates having her picture taken), and her mouth is open (she's already like her Daddy and fussing about something).   

This has been such a fun 6 months and we look forward to spending the rest of our lives loving on this little girl! 

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Haley Antill said...

Aww you Liz look great!!!!