Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Greek Quiz: How would you do in my class???

Here is a quiz I gave out to my HS Greek students.  Try it out and see how you would have done.

Write the correct word in Greek (spelling counts)
  1. meat
  2. he/she/it eats
  3. pot
  4. cup of water
  5. empty
  6. again
  7. chair
  8. chariot
  9. grapes
  10. hand
Write in English, putting your translation in correct word order in English as well.  (FYI... I don't know how to type all the accents and breathing marks in this format... sorry.  However, we are not really teaching that as of yet.)
  1. ελαυνει ο παις τον καμηλον.
  2.  επι το εδαφος ο αρτος πιπτει.
  3.  τον αρτον ο ανηρ αιρει.
  4.  ειτα ο ανηρ τιθησιν αυτον επι την τραπεζην.
  5.  ειτα ο ανηρ καθηται εν τη καθεδρα και τον αρτον αυτος εσθιει.
If you think these last 5 were hard, just think... I said this orally to the students.  They didn't get to see it.  They translated it from hearing me speak it.

Teaching Greek as a living language is proving to be a tremendous way of learning to read the GNT.  These students are not just translating in their heads.  They are learning the language!!!

See this post to understand how exactly we are teaching with this method.


Scott said...

God's grace to you as you continue your Greek experiment.

I confess my vocabulary is not so much as it should be.

I always forget, "ειτα". Kind of sad.

I had no idea what "ελαυνει" meant and had to look it up.

Same with "εδαφος."

I would like to follow along and see how you progress. It's been my goal to "think greek" and it may very well be true that except it becomes to me a living language it never will.

Scott said...

Are you using "Erasmian" pronuciation or "Modern Greek" or something else?