Monday, October 1, 2012

John Piper's Sermons on Romans

For my morning reading, I decided that a good "quiet time" would be to read a sermon a day through Piper's exposition through Romans. (Cf. the tab above "What Tim is Reading" if you are interested in what else I am stimulating my cerbral cortex with)

 If you know me, you know I can't stand "devotionals" that are shallow, short, and shamefully lacking theological value (pretty much all of them!). What I love about this is that it is sermons from one of the 20th centuries greatest preachers (of course he is still preaching). So it is loaded with the practical value that many desire for a quiet time devotional. But it also has the great value of John Piper's insights into Romans (perhaps the most important book in the NT). Oh how I wish he would do a commentary on the book (cf. my review on his short commentary book on Rom. 9).

 The major downside is that sermons don't always communicate most effectively through manuscript. But if you have heard Piper preach at all, you can picture and hear his words in your mind. All in all, this series is excellent and highly recommended for Christians wanting to dive into God's Word and be challenged by it at the same time.  Double thumbs up for a "quiet time devotional" (we need to change these lame cliche titles for this)!!!

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