Saturday, September 3, 2011

Market Day

Every weekend we go to town (about a 45 minute bus ride) to do our grocery shopping.  Every other weekend we go to the Open Market, a regular grocery store, and a bakery.  I have started enjoying this trip more and more.  The first time was a little overwhelming but today we knew what to expect and could find what we needed easily.  Here are a couple pictures I took while we were there.

Tim's getting some tomatoes.
I was picking up a few onions.

We are walking through the market.  There are hundreds of vendors on the sides.

They sell everything at the market but the purpose of the picture was the background.  I love the scenery. 

You can also buy authentic Honduran food if you get hungry while shopping.  (I don't enjoy the food very much but Tim does.)

We spent about 250 Lempira which equals about $13.50 for all the fruits and vegetables in the picture below.   I LOVE being able to get it so cheap.

It's hard to see because some are in a bag.  We have a cucumber, potatoes, bananas, tomatoes, green peppers, red and yellow peppers, onions, oranges (in the green bag back in the back), and two bags of lemons (for homemade lemonade). 

If you come visit, we'll take you with us so you can experience the fun! :-)

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Sarah K. Johnson said...

Aww man. I'm jealous that you took pictures at the market. I'm too afraid of having my camera stolen :( Maybe in a few weeks I'll get courageous!