Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Great Sunday!!!

This past Sunday (Sep. 4) was amazing. It started with Liz and I visiting Union Christian Church in Teguc. It was an all-English-speaking church, so we understood everything. This was the first time in a month. Not only that, but the pastor (a TEDS grad) was brand new 3 weeks into his ministry, and he preached a great sermon on Psalm 45. I enjoy hearing a Christocentric OT sermon. He nailed it. Anywho...

Afterwards, we went to Dunkin Donuts for some coffee and donuts (cf. a few posts below for pics). I ordered in Spanish and the end result was Liz's iced fruit drink was tiny. I felt bad.

From there, we went with our neighbors the Moss's to the mall to pick up a cell phone for Liz. It was nice to walk through the mall without being rushed. You also appreciate shopping in America a whole lot more since speedy service is very low on the priority list around here.

Leaving the mall, the 4 of us went to dine at the very elegant Pupusaria Camino del Valle where it is advertised that they have the best pupusas in Honduras (in Spanish of course). Having had quite a few pupusas since arriving in Honduras, I have to admit that it was pretty good. By the way, if you are wondering what a pupusa is, imagine a thick corn tortilla with a middle layer of cheese or meat (or both). They are really good with the toppings (whatever that is).

Once we got home from our eventful morning, it was nearly late afternoon. Our other neighbors, the Holtrops, have a beautiful German shepherd named Grizzly. I.e. Brutus has a girlfriend. We took the dogs to the soccer field and let them romp around for a bit. Brutus is still learning how to fetch a tennis ball that is thrown farther than 10ft. So far... fail. But he runs around with Grizzly a lot. Check out the Holtrop's blog; they posted pics and a video of the 2 dogs playing. It's lots of fun.

As Liz posted earlier, she made an amazing home-made pizza for dinner. What better way to top off a great day? I hope to experience many more like this one here in Honduras.

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