Friday, April 25, 2008

April 2008

Things have slowed down considerably since March. No family has come to visit lately. Subbing fulltime and helping out at the church has kept me busy enough. Tim is always busy preparing for his weekly lessons and sermons as well as visiting church family.

Tim and I did have the opportunity to go to Charlotte for a couple of days. We had a family dinner with Tim’s parents, Andrea, Ryan, Ella, Steve, Amanda, and Katie. It was so nice spending time with everyone. Tim and his dad had the chance to go to PBC for a conference with Dr. Charles Ryrie (one of Tim’s favorite theologians).
I, on the other hand, got to spend the day with Tim’s mom, sister (Andrea), and our wonderful nieces (Ella and Katie). This was well worth skipping work for a couple of days. Katie and Ella have grown so much and are becoming little ladies. Of course their favorite Aunt Iz (the neices pronunciations) and Uncle Tim miss them very much.

It was nice being back on campus at Piedmont Baptist College. I was able to go see one of my good friends, Blair, while Tim was in chapel, and then meeting another friend Christina and her two boys while waiting for Tim to finish up some research. It was so nice catching up and hearing all the news from Winston-Salem. Being with old friends again was a blessing. On our way home to Beaufort we stopped off in Greensboro to visit a friend I grew up with. Charity recently had her first child so it was nice to visit with her before going home. It was a busy three days but well worth every minute of it!

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