Tuesday, June 24, 2008

May - June 2008

If you couldn't tell, Tim and I have been very busy. Two months have passed by and we haven't added a new post. Here are just a few pictures to show what has been going on out here in Beaufort!

First, God blessed Tim and I with a beautiful house to rent. We were so excited to get out of our apartment and live in quiet neighborhood. What a blessing!!!

Grandma & Grandpa Ronketto finally came to visit us. (May 28-June 3) Mom and Dad Decker came with them and enjoyed seeing our new house.

We went out on a boat. . .

Went to a beautiful Island to look at the Lighthouse from a distance. . .

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Decorated our new house . . .

In the midst of all the fun of moving into the house, school letting out and family visiting, Liz was offered a full time teaching job for this coming fall. God has been answering prayer after prayer!!

Two days after Tim’s family left, Granny and Papa Campbell came to visit. (June 5 –June 11)

Momma & Daddy Peters were not too far behind. (June 7-June 11)

We went out to Cape Lookout and spent a day. This was the best beach we had ever been to. For a few hours we had the beach to ourselves. What a way to start a summer vacation!!

Four days later we headed to Liz’s home church in Virginia to take our teens to camp. (June 15-19) During camp we were able to see family and close friends. Especially Dekoda!!!


I love my Uncle Tim!!!

He is a cool dude!!! I just wanted to pinch his cheeks all week! :-)

He didn’t want us to leave.

Once we made it back home Todd & Natalie Bishop and Blair & Emma Bishop came to visit for a few hours. (June 20) Emma has grown so much in the past year we’ve been away. What a blessing to have them visit.

Saturday June 21 we had a church cookout at our house. Almost 40 people came for hotdogs and fellowship. It’s been almost a year since we came out here to be a part of New Hope Baptist Church and yet it seems so much longer. We feel as though we’ve known these people for years and they are now like family to us.


Karen said...

Wow! You guys have been busy. What a great house. Hope you guys are continuing to get settled and are enjoying your summer!

The Griffiths said...

I know these pictures are on the older side, but I'm just now seeing them. I love your house!! It was so adorable. I'm sure you guys miss it! Keep things updated. :-)