Monday, March 31, 2008

March '08

March was the exact opposite of February for Liz and me. This was the first time we were at New Hope on Resurrection Day. The choir sang a cantata on Palm Sunday. I even had a solo in it! For the small size of our church, we have a talented group of singers. The Thursday before Resurrection Sunday, the church had a midweek service where the choir sang the cantata again and we partook in the Lord's Supper just as Christ and His disciples did on the Thursday before His arrest. Then came Resurrection Sunday which was actually the first time I have ever preached on a Resurrection Day. Boy, I was fired up too (or so I was told). Needless to say, March was a busy month for New Hope.

The month didn't slow down away from church either. With Liz still subbing full-time, we hardly see each other until the evening.

We also were visited by a barrage of family this month. Nathan and Traci (Liz's brother and his girlfriend) visited us for a short weekend. Nathan was kind enough to haul down the bookshelf that PaPa (liz's maternal grandfather) made for me. It was the best looking, sturdiest, and heaviest bookshelf I ever did see (or carry). Thank you so much PaPa!

After a short break, Liz and I had the opportunity to entertain Granny & PaPa (Liz's maternal grandparents). We had a great time. After some site seeing and shopping, PaPa and I built a table for our new grill. Since PaPa built that bookshelf, this table wasn't a problem. And just to prove I am not as inept with tools as some might think, I helped a lot with the table. I even have the pictures to prove it. Liz helped too by painting it. It is the best table I have ever helped to make!

Happy Resurrection Day! It just worked out that we were all wearing green.

Good Job Tim, I'm proud of you! Thanks for all your hard work!

This was hard work but worth it all! We've enjoyed using it.

While the 4 of us were at the Sanitary Restaurant (yes that is the name of the seafood place where we like to eat), Amy (Liz's older sister), Dekoda (Amy's son & our nephew), and Lori (Liz's younger sister) came waltzing into the restaurant unexpected. It was a great surprise –especially seeing Dekoda. He is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. He is the best baby too. He barely ever makes a fuss (even when I am holding him). My 2 favorite nieces should take notes when their Uncle Tim and Aunt Liz are holding them. A few days later Granny, PaPa, Amy, Dekoda, and Lori all left back for Virginia.

Thank you Amy, Lori, & Koda for surprising us! It was the best gift you could have given! :)
I love this picture! Tim enjoyed having Dekoda around.
Now this is a cool dude!!!
Koda we miss you already!!! :-(

But the action didn't stop. That same day (almost the exact same time) that the first group left back for Va, Liz's parents Momma and Daddy and brother Nathan were on their way down to visit us. With the weather warming up, we got to go to the beach (something we were unable to do with the other set of family). Traci even came down for the weekend a day after Nathan arrived. We went to the local Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores. It was a lot of fun. But all good things have to come to an end. After the morning service and lunch, Momma, Daddy, Nathan, and Traci left back for home. We are already missing all of our family that visited us. We can't wait to see you all again.

Daddy and Momma, you guys are so cute!
You're cute too, Nathan and Traci!
Of course we were happy, we had family around for a week! :-)
This is now my new friend!


Amy said...


Amy said...

Oh one more thing!! I helped with the table too! I just wanted to let everybody know cause someone must have forgotten! :-) Okay bbye!!

Timothy L. Decker said...

Tim wrote this post and Liz added the pic captions. Just to clarify, it did not "just work out" that we were all wearing green. I was forced to change into the green. Good try, Liz!

Patti C said...

Hey Guys!! Looks like March was crazy! You better tell Scott and Amy that is one cute baby!!!

Liz Decker said...

Tim was the only one forced I'll admit that but it did "just work out" that the rest of us had green! :-) That's why I made him change. LOL