Sunday, November 25, 2007

November '07

November has come and gone, but it was a great month. We had our first missionary visit and present his ministry at New Hope Baptist Church. It was amazing! Dexter Kirby has a heart for his people back in St. Vincent. He stayed with us and even brought an old friend from Winston-Salem – Luke Shover. Luke attended Piedmont with us and went to the same church back in Winston. He is a good friend and we enjoyed having both Luke and Dexter visit with us.

Liz and I had the opportunity to travel all the way down to Ocala, Florida to spend Thanksgiving with the family. That was so much fun. We needed the break. We haven’t been with the whole family at the same time in a while so it was wonderful. Our nieces are so cute. They are growing up fast!

Unfortunately vacations have to end. When we got back to Beaufort, we decorated our apartment for Christmas.

We still have our cats.

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Amy said...

Hey Ya'll!! I love ya'lls website!! Ya'lls apartment is soo cute! Can't wait to see ya'll at Christmas! Oh! and the girls are getting so big! (and the cats too! lol) Love ya'll!!!

Love, Amy!
Oh Dekoda says hey and that he loves ya'll too! ;-)