Saturday, October 27, 2007

October '07

October has been a good month. Things have not slowed down any since we got here. The church is going well. No matter how much training you get, nothing can prepare you for the ministry. The good news is, we are growing. We have been running 50 on Sunday morning! But even more amazing than that, we are running 35-38 on Wednesday. Most churches can’t get half their congregation to attend on Wednesday evening. We are praising the Lord to see the faithfulness of so many.

Scott and Amy came out to see us. Scott, being the good husband and father, brought Amy and Dekoda to Beaufort. He had to leave the next day and came back two days later. Liz was very happy to see family. She was even happier to see her new nephew, Dekoda. That baby is cute. We got to take Dekoda to the beach for the first time in his life (even though he won’t remember it). That’s right, it is October and still beach weather. The beaches are only filled with locals, which means they are nearly empty. The water is cool but not cold. The breeze is crisp, the sand is soft, and the waves are crashing. What a place to live.


Amy said...

I LOVE THIS! LOL I miss ya'll!!! Thanks for the good time and we will do it again soon!! Love ya'll a bunch and miss ya'll!!! Dekoda says hey Aunt Liz and Uncle Tim!!! Love, Amy :-)

Amy said...

I LOVE THIS!! LOL Hey guys!! Thanks for such a wonderfer :-) time! We love and miss you guys so much!! We will do it again soon!! Love ya'll, Amy :-)

Traci Coltrain said...

Im glad everything is going good for you and your church! Thats great! It looks like ya'll had a great time with Amy, Scott and Dekoda! I can't believe its still beach weather! Dekoda is getting big! He is so cute! I love you guys and I hope to see ya'll soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
Robbie and I are at Smithfield, NC. It is our anniversary. I brought my labtop so I have the internet in our motel room. I love your website. I miss you guys!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

Amy Roscoe