Wednesday, January 2, 2008

December '07

2007 is over. So much has happened. Liz finished her first year of teaching. Tim got his master’s degree. Scott & Amy (Liz’s sister) had their first child (Dekoda). Tim’s Mom & Dad moved to Florida after Dad’s retirement from the police force. We moved to Beaufort, NC and began our ministry at New Hope Baptist Church. So much in just one year!

December was a good end to a good year. We began the month by going to a Christmas light show at “Mike’s Farm.” It was great. We also had the teenagers from our church over and have a Christmas party. The Sunday before Christmas, we had our first Communion service at New Hope. It was a very special time (although Tim was extremely nervous doing this for the first time as a pastor).

Then came the Christmas vacation. It was much needed. We had the opportunity to travel up to Amherst, VA to visit Liz’s family. Christmas Eve Tim woke up early (5 a.m.) and went deer hunting. He didn’t see anything. Later, it was off to Grandma & Poppa’s house (Liz’s father’s parents) for a Christmas brunch party. Almost that whole side of the family was there. After a while it was off to Granny & Papa’s house (Liz’s mother’s parents) for more food. It seemed like we never stopped eating this whole vacation.

Christmas day was nice. We woke up early at Liz’s parent’s house and opened Christmas presents! The whole day we stayed at the house (something very unusual for Christmas in VA) while many people came to visit. Again the food seemed to increase (as well as our waists). Koda was a very happy baby during all the fun on Christmas! :-)

Wednesday was the shopping day. Before the mid-week service Tim, Scott (our bro-in-law), Nathan (Liz’s brother), and Daddy (Liz’s father) went hunting again. Tim saw a big buck but he was unable to get a clear shot (well that’s the story he’s telling). Thursday & Friday was fairly relaxing. All in all, it was a great vacation. The worst part about it was when we had to leave.

Here are a few extra pictures of our wonderful Christmas vacation. :-)

Momma and her first grandson Dekoda!

Daddy and Dekoda

Me and Dekoda on Christmas Eve

Amy and her baby Dekoda!

Scott and his baby boy!


Amy said...

Hey Ya'll!! What a woderful blog! HAHA I love all the pics! I love ya'll and miss ya'll! Talk to you soon!

Patti C said...

Aww everyone looks so happy except Dekoda e/ Scott and hey who can blame him! J/k! Have a wonderful January!

Traci said...

Hey guys!! Love the new blog! The pics are so cute of Dekoda! He is really getting big! I miss you and love you bunches!!!