Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where in the world have we been???

WOW! Time has certainly flown by, and it has been so easy to overlook the little things like blogging. :-)

It was really difficult to try to blog while visiting in the States.  We were everywhere visiting everyone (and not always with great internet capabilities)!  Here's the run down of our busy summer...

The trip started with A BANG!

 Abigail experienced her first plane ride and I experienced my first time being the parent with the crying baby.  Though the trip could have been a lot worse, I didn't enjoy one part of it.  That could be because I started getting terribly sick during our last flight.  By the time we landed in VA I was so nauseous I had a hard time taking care of Abigail.  Thankfully my parents were there.  The next morning I passed out, Tim had my sister call 911, and my whole family was in a state of panic.  I talked them out of taking me to the hospital but later went to an urgent care center.  Praise the Lord for whatever they gave me because I was feeling better by the next day!  That was the first time ever I wasn't able to take care of (or even think about) my baby girl.  Tim and I are so thankful for my family and the fact they jumped in took care of her!
I only took short naps on the plane.  This was one of my better moments. :-)

The very next day Tim left for his week long class in North Carolina while Abigail and I went with my parents camping.  This was a nice vacation and Abigail got to meet one set of great-grandparents and my sister Amy (and all of her kids).
My cousins were always playing with, me and now I miss having them around!

Charlotte (Part 1)
Two weeks after arriving in Virginia we loaded the car and headed to Florida.On our way we made a short stop in Charlotte to see Tim's siblings and let them finally meet Abigail.  We had a great time and wished we had been able to stay longer. 
On Daddy's side of the family there are only girl cousins.  We had fun together!

After a long trip in the car we made it to Florida.  We learned a very valuable lesson about traveling with an infant.  Even if they're quiet, content, or sleeping, NEVER keep driving just to make good time.  Abigail had used the bathroom and leaked all in her car seat.  What a great way for the grandparents and great-grandparents to meet her for the first time. :-)  Because it was their first time meeting her, it was very difficult for them to say goodbye knowing they wouldn't see her again for many months.  But we think we've convinced Tim's parents into coming to visit Honduras for Christmas.  It's so much easier talking people into visiting now that Abigail is here. :-)
Grandpa loved on me for two weeks!

Charlotte (Part 2)
The one day, one night stay in Charlotte wasn't long enough, so we decided to make another quick stop on our way back to Virginia.  It was especially fun because Mom, Dad, Grandma, & Grandpa followed us to Charlotte so we could have the whole family together.  This doesn't happen very often, and so it was a special visit.  We did miss Ella though.  She was on a road trip with her daddy.  Maybe next summer we can ALL get together again.

Back to Virginia
Rest time (sort of).  All the traveling was over for awhile and the plan was to spend the last few weeks of summer relaxing at my parents house resting up before school started again.  Unfortunately, Abigail was teething (again) and got a terrible cold.  We had many sleepless nights that seem to continue even now.  This was also the time we spent preparing and purchasing last minute items to take back to Honduras for the next year.  Looking back, time went by extremely fast, and I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to this summer.
Popple let me drive his big truck!  I'm so spoiled!

Honduras Bound
The dreaded moment finally arrived.  Saying goodbye to family AND getting back on the plane with a baby.  This trip was sooooo much better than the first but we were still thankful when we finally made it back to our house on the mountain in El Hatillo! 

Back to the Routine (sort of)
We're back to school already and have gotten into some what of a routine again.  Abigail still doesn't sleep well through the night because of all the teething that's going on.  Our car broke down the first day we drove it (!), and we haven't been able to drive it since.  On a happier note we are all moved into our new house, a house which we LOVE!  We don't deserve a place like this but are very thankful for all the extra space that we have for Abigail to crawl around. :-)
I love playing in my new house.  This pig was a gift from my Aunt Lori and I'm so thankful it finally arrived. I LOVE it!

Prayer Request

1) That Abigail will start sleeping well at night and taking good naps.
2) Our car can be fixed (for good) this month and doesn't drain our finances at the same time.  

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