Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Abigail Changes

I love this stage in a baby's life.  There seems to be so many cool changes that happen over night.  Here are a few of Abigail's amazing tricks at 7 months.

1) crawling everywhere
2) climbs stairs
3) says 'Da da' (which of course Tim is getting excited about) but really says "da da da da da da da..."
4) stands by herself for a couple seconds
5) makes the FUNNIEST faces - the most recent is wrinkling her nose while squinting her eyes
6) holds her own bottle (which is so helpful when shopping)
7) successfully cries herself to sleep
8) laughs at herself in the mirror
9) amazed by people brushing their teeth
10) gets bored very easily with her old toys
11) ALWAYS tries to play with things we definitely don't want her to have
12) loves the kitchen cabinets but can't figure out how to keep them open
13) wants to eat anything we are eating (and I can't wait to be able to feed her whatever we eat)
14) loves to be naked and hates when we put clothes on her
15) knows something crazy or silly is going to happen when I count to 3 slowly
16) when I walk downstairs with her and pause before getting to the bottom, she starts looking all over the place for her Daddy
17) holds on to things with one hand and even bends down while holding on to the table to pick something up
18) sits in her high chair to watch Baby TV (her favorite is the snowman show!)
19) loves the computer, especially when we're skyping with people
20) my favorite...get's so excited when she sees us walk in the door after school, tries to free herself from the nanny, and crawls as fast as she can to us

Basically, I could have summed this up in one sentence.  My daughter is advanced! (I'm not bias.) :-D

I LOVE being able to crawl where ever I want!!!

This computer is awesome! Can I have my own?!?!

Sippy cups are genus!! Finally someone invented something I can hold on to easily!!

This snowman show is my favorite.  I can't wait till Christmas! Momma said that's when she pulls out all of her snowmen toys! :-) 

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