Friday, May 24, 2013

The Theology of the Book of Revelation - Book Review

I have nearly completed all of my assigned reading for my upcoming Revelation class. I wanted to do one more book review, albeit a shorter one, on Richard Bauckam's The Theology of the Book of Revelation.  If there was one book that treated this subject better and yet more concisely than Bauckham, then I wouldn't believe it.  This book is a treasure of information.  There is nearly a quotable portion on every page.  My highlighter eventually ran out of ink on this one.  I did resist the urge to post them on facebook just because I knew I would have to change it every 5 minutes.  Two thumbs up for the serious student to scholar!

PS-this book has spurred me to read more Bauckham.  I am looking forward to reading his larger collected works on Revelation The Climax of Prophecy

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