Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Honduras as home

So we were out of milk today, and Liz needed it as an ingredient for dinner.  So we went for a walk to the local Supermarcado down the road.  On the way, we met some ladies who saw Abigail and asked about her age (in Spanish to which Liz quickly responded in Spanish... way to go, baby!).  Hondurans are very conversational and cordial.  You say "hello" or "good afternoon" to everyone you pass.  And look how cute and comfie Abi is with her momma.  No wonder people want to ask about her.

Thanks Amanda K. for this baby sling thing.  It looks great, and Abi loves it!

Further down the road, we saw one of the security guards, Efrain, from our church.  He's a really nice guy.  I didn't realize he lived up here near us.

After we got our milk (they were out of the good stuff so we got a bag of milk) and other assorted items (chips, tortillas, and hamburger buns), we made our way our back to our house.  On the way, we saw one of my parents in a bus going downtown.

I love knowing some of the people in our community.  We may only be able to have small talk (Spanish still not great), but it is fun to see people you know and meet others you didn't. 

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