Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rainy Season

When we arrived in Honduras I thought we were in the middle of rainy season.  It would rain almost every evening.  But then October came.  I have never seen so much rain and MUD!  I took a few pictures one day on our way home from church.  We were headed back up the mountain and it felt like we were driving up a river.  If we ever bought a car here it would have to be an SUV of some sort.  Small cars were struggling.  During these few weeks of constant rain roads washed away in parts of Tegucigalpa, people were flooded out of their homes (further down the mountain), and everything appeared to turn to mud.

It seemed that everyday at around 10:50 am it started to pour down rain which was right before our recess time, and my poor students (actually poor teachers) couldn't go outside to get their energy out. I took a picture during one of our indoor recess times.  It looked like a river was running through the middle of their soccer field.

Tim and I had to wear our rain boots to school a couple times because our road was pure mud and very slick.  Some people slid on the road when they tried to walk to the school gate.  Thankful we live right across from the gate so we don't have to walk on the road very far.

I know these pictures are hard to see but it's just because they were taken inside a car and it was pouring down rain. :-)

I wouldn't buy a small car while in Honduras.

Lots of traffic and lots of water rushing down the hill.  There is actually a small ditch on the right side of the road that is for the water.  Clearly, it was overwhelmed in the storm.

This is our road.  Once you get around the curve (where the other car is) the ALP houses begin. 
The top left side of the picture is part of the soccer field.  There are little streams flowing through it after a hard rain.  This is our recess time.  :-( Poor kids!

It's hard to see in the picture but top part of the side walk is a huge puddle of water.  My kids enjoyed jumping in it when we were headed to the buses.  (And there is a river running down the hill.)

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