Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurricane Earl

Since I have never truly been through a hurricane, I wanted to share my experience from the coast.  At this moment, Hurricane Earl is a category three.  Locals say it is safe for us to stay put but still be prepared for a bit of flooding, power outage, and maybe some debris clean up when it's all over.  So, Tim and I have gathered the essentials, pulled outside items into the garage (flower pots, patio chairs, lawn mowers, trashcans) and now wait patiently to see what the night will unfold.

Watching the clouds move faster than normal and hearing the wind pick up causes mixed emotions.  At this moment I'm wondering why we didn't pack our gear and head to Virginia where we could spend a long, safe weekend.  But I'm also a little excited to be in the midst of this massive storm that God created.  It is such an amazing reminder of His great power.  This hurricane was headed right toward us at one time.  It reminds me of the story in the Bible (Mark 8:35-41) where a great storm comes and just the words Jesus speaks, "Peace, be still!" causes it all to stop.  Our great storm, that was headed right for us, has moved toward the north!  Thank You, Lord for Your provision in the storm!

Here is a picture taken around 3:30 this afternoon. 

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