Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurricane Earl - Update

Relief...that's how I feel right now.  Hurricane Earl has dropped down to a category two!  It's amazing how one number can make a difference on my level of anxiety. :-)  We're still cautious and may still lose power but I'm thankful it isn't going to be as bad as was expected in the beginning. 

Our neighbors came by (we have never met them before) this evening.  They wanted to give us a heads up on the flooding that usually takes place in our front yard.  Not only that but they informed us that our garage will more than likely flood and we should move any items that shouldn't get wet some where else.  Tim and I worked hard to organize all our Christmas boxes and other 'junk' in the garage.  Now we've moved it to different areas of the house for the night.  I think I may stay up and start decorating for Christmas! :-D 

Thank you, Lord for giving us neighbors that are nice enough to share advice for the storm. 

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