Sunday, October 13, 2013

Eight Months of Happiness

Abigail has now past the eight month point, and life just keeps getting more fun! Everyday there seems to be something new she starts doing (or getting into).  Here are a few of my favorites for this month!

"I am so happy Momma is home from school!!!!"  (That's really what she's saying, I promise!)

1) When standing (holding onto something) she'll get on her tiptoes to reach farther.
2) We've given her so many kisses that she's starting to lean in and give us a kiss.
3) She loves to nod her head YES.  Especially when she's getting into something she's not supposed to.  I will say, "No, Abigail!".  She then starts nodding her head YES.  I can't help but laugh.

4) When she hears music she starts to dance.
5) She has learned how to climb into the kitchen cabinet.
6) She is starting to eat real food.  Her favorites so far are bread, muffins, pizza crust, noodles, bananas...really anything soft that we're eating she'll enjoy.
7) She has 4 teeth and the 5th has broken through. I love her smile full of bright white teeth.
8) Crowds are not her favorite.  She's too overwhelmed by all the noise and faces.
9) She likes to bite...stuffed animals, pillows, tables, plastic toys, and people.  Her nanny showed me a bruise on her shoulder one day and said Abigail bit her.  Oops!
10) Abigail loves to clap.  If she's crawling away from me I will say "Yay Abigail!" Then she will stop crawling and start clapping.

"Are you going to give me the food or just tease me?!"

This is by far my most favorite stage!  She responds to our voices, crawls to us when we come home, laughs when we tickle her, stops when we say 'no' (most of the time), and sleeps well at night! I love this little girl! What a joy she brings to our lives, and I am so thankful I am her mother!

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