Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thankgiving with the Neighbors!

We planned to go on a trip over Thanksgiving break, but it just didn't work out.  So we decided to cook our own meal.  Ruth and I worked hard on the turkey as well as LOTS of other items.  Susan made amazing mashed potatoes and hot apple cider!  The six of us enjoyed spending the day together.  Of course there was football on TV for the guys, a huge bird for them to carve (way to go Luke!), and then later a movie to relax after a long, hard day cooking and eating.

Before putting the turkey in the oven...

...the finished product! It was delicious!  Good job Ruth! :-D
Working hard carving the turkey perfectly.
Homemade pumpkin Ruth Holtrop
Friday, the six of us piled in Susan and Joe's car and headed to a Bed and Breakfast down the road.  We rode horses for a little while, played card games, had a great dinner at the restaurant, and finally watched a movie before heading to bed.  It was such a relaxing time away from home with friends.  Saturday we rode horses once more (Tim was an expert by the end) before rushing home to watch the Michigan Ohio State game (MgoBlue!!!).  Ruth and I decided to watch a movie during the game, but we still heard the guys yelling from the house next door.

 We had a great weekend of relaxing and spending time with friends.  Now we are all ready for our Christmas break! :-)

Tim and I, Susan and Joe, Luke and Ruth

Tim and I are so thankful for the opportunity to serve here in Honduras and for the many friends we have made in the past four months.

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