Saturday, July 2, 2011


Things have been extremely busy around our house.  Tim and I received our new teacher packet from ALP which informed us how to pack and where to ship.  We were allowed 60 cubic feet which seemed like a lot to begin with, but when it actually came down to it was very difficult to fit items we thought were necessary.  Praise the Lord, He helped us decided what to pack and gave us strength through the process.

Our final 15 boxes ready to be shipped ... let's see how they look when we get them in Honduras. :-)

After the sorting and packing for Honduras was over we began packing our whole house to move to Virginia.  This wasn't as difficult, but it was a lot of work.  We are so thankful for the safety in moving to Virginia, and I'm so thankful it is finally complete.  Now we can spend the rest of our time with family before the final move.

Please continue to pray as we prepare to fly out on August 4th.  We are very excited for this opportunity to serve the Lord in another country!

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