Thursday, December 9, 2010

Book Review: Radical by David Platt

If I could just tell you to read this book, and then you would do it, then I would stop right here. I have thoroughly enjoyed David Platt’s book Radical as much as I have enjoyed listening to his sermons. Fortunately, this book has its own commercial:

So, if you want to keep a casual Christianity, if you want to be free from commitment, if you want to attain wealth in this world, if you want security in this life, and if you want all of this for the rest of your family; I would advise you not to read this book.

Dr. Platt will challenge you. And I have a feeling he would say that it is the Word of God that is challenging. It is a short read on a laymen’s level replete with illustrations and stories. And this book, this message, is very needed in the culture of “American Christianity.”

This book and some other influences has sparked in me the desire to go through a series on Sunday nights at Cornerstone Gospel Baptist Church to speak on “Radical Statements of Jesus.” So I stole a few words; big deal. It is a message that is extremely important. It has made me rethink much of the way I live and even present the gospel. So, READ THIS BOOK‼!

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Chris Collins said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I almost got it through the publisher blogging program cause I heard so many good things about it,... but I didn't. Maybe next time around!