Thursday, September 25, 2008

July 2008 - Missions Trip

It has been awhile since we’ve posted an article. Thing have been extremely busy around Beaufort. The last thing we shared was we were about to leave for our mission’s trip. Thank you for all the prayers during that time. We had a wonderful trip and praise the Lord for the opportunity He gave us to minister with the Ashcraft family.

The Ashcraft family has a ranch in Jimenez, Chihuahua, Mexico. We stayed on the ranch and traveled out to neighboring villages to hold an open air service. Before the service we went around door to door and invited everyone to join us. There were puppet shows, singing, skits, and the presentation of the gospel. Each night we a good number attend and several raise their hands wanting to be saved. Praise the Lord! It was so awesome to see the Lord work.

Brother Randy has started discipleship training in different homes. We were able to attend one meeting and were humbled to see the condition of the home. Pray for this family that they will continue to attend church faithful and the whole family will be saved.

Another highlight of our trip was eating “real” Mexican food. This was a highlight for Tim, not me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mexican food but apparently only the Americanized kind. This food did not taste anything like I was used to.

I was able to catch up with Gwen (Randy’s wife) while we were there. We grew up together in Virginia but since she lives in Mexico we haven’t had a chance to get together in a long time. It was fun to hear stories of what life as a missionary is like and to see it first hand.

The week flew by and before we knew it we were on the plane headed back for the states. Getting out of the United States was a piece of cake but getting back in was a little harder. We had to wait in line several times, have our luggage checked and rechecked, answer questions, and fill out more paper work. It’s a good thing there were only four of us traveling. We finally made it back to Beaufort and were thankful to be back in our own beds with no rattlesnakes, Mother of Scorpions (a spider that looks like a scorpion), flying ants, or real scorpions. What a trip!!
Of course we have a lot more pictures than the ones I've posted. If you would like to see them they are at ENJOY!!

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