Friday, August 10, 2007

Hello From Our New Home In Beaufort, NC

Well, Liz and I have been in Beaufort, NC for almost 2 full months (although we did a bit a traveling before we settled in full-time). This Sunday will be my 5th Sunday as the Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church. God is blessing us beyond what we could have imagined. I love the fact that the beach is a stone's throw away and we can visit on a whim. I love that fact even more when others get jealous =-).

We have also enjoyed recent visits from Liz's parents (David & Cheryl Peters) and her younger brother and sister (Nathan & Lori) as well as my parents (Chuck & Karen Decker). We even have a new edition to our family when we got a new kitten, Sophia (Sophie for short). Enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave comments to say hi and anything else you might want to say.


Karen Decker said...

We are so happy for the opportunites the Lord has provided for both of you. If you let every one see how wonderful it is they will come! Family and friends as well as new members for New Hope Baptist Church. Love ya both Mom D.

Lori said...

Hey liz and tim this is your favorite sister lori!!! your new kitten is adorable!! And im glad yall are enjoying it!! the family wants to know if your new cat will like Sadie?lol. Good Luck with the church!
Love ya,

Karen Decker said...

Hi Tim
Your Mom says... it is time for an update on all big and little details of Liz and your life there in Beaufort!!! need more pictures! Love you Mom

Lexi said...

Great work.